A few of ChomDan's core features
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    Established in 1973, Chomdan is publishing 7 different print magazines
    and smart magazine in technical field. Also, we are total media group
    as the only to provide to information through technical specialty
    web magazine portal ‘Hello T’ in industrial field.

    CHOMDAN Inc.

    주식회사 첨단


    We think and move more than our customers do.



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    Monthly published automated technology which was published the first issue in 1985 is the major technology journal that covers the whole automation including automated mechanism of plants and process, IT of technology and future total system building, as the best automation technology journal.

    The monthly electronic technology was published the first issue in January, 1988 and have provided the cutting edge information and intensive technology articles related to IT and electronics industry. We work to lead the future of electronics industry, suggesting new paradigm.

    Monthly electric technology which was first published in October, 1964 and is related to electric technology. It was selected as the best magazine in 1986 and awarded a presidential citation with its tradition.

    Monthly automated awareness security was first published in 1996 and now has the best reading ratio with reputation which is textbook of technical leaders in AIDC industry as the only journal of automated awareness and security technology in Korea.

    Monthly mold technology which was first published in 1988 has led rapid provision of information for technical enhancement of Korean mold business and followed with the domestic mold business.

    In September, 2000 the first published monthly Surface Mounting Technology deals intensively with SMT/PCB fields and lively delivers major technology and market status as the unique journal in Korea.

    Monthly new product new technology was first published in 1991 and presents new products and technologies in whole industries including equipment and smart technology as the distinguished technology journal for specialists in Korea.

  • CHOMDAN  info.

    Establishment        13th October 1983

    CEO               Joon won Lee / Nam Ju Cha

    Address        127, Yang Hwa – ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Web Site       http://www.hellot.net, http://www.chomdan.co.kr

    Business        Publishing of Technical Journals, Business form,
                               software development & Supply

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