A few of ChomDan's core features
  • Chomdan's CI

    Chomdan is a professional publisher under BM, a global book media group that fosters the value of knowledge, life and business.
    Chomdan’s corporate identity (CI) incorporates the fundamental value of BM. The logo design features neat gothic fonts and a straightforward structure to showcase the pioneering impression of its magazines. The ultramarine color stands for its fresh and keen insights.

    CI corporate Identity

    CI corporate Identity

  • Chomdan Website Brand Identity

    Chomdan’s website brand identity (BI) is based on the BM Group logo and symbolizes magazines that comprehend all industries. The orange color makes a young and vigorous image of the website. It is also associated with the basic colors and images of Chomdan’s existing magazines.

  • Hello T Website Brand Identity

    The color of the word “Hello” is identical to the main color of Chomdan’s magazine. The tilted letter “T” showcases the dynamicity of the magazine. Patterns inspired by machines and technology imply the magazine’s image as an industry-leading magazine in the field of machinery and technology.

    BI brand Identity


President Lee Jong-chun
awarded the Republic of
Korea Order of
Cultural Merit Jade Class

October 2008

Awarded the Jade Class
Cultural Merit Order on the
22nd Book Day
- Hosted by the Korean
Publishers Association

Monthly magazine
Automation Systems selected
as an Excellent Magazine
(by Minister of Culture,
Sports and Tourism)
October 2007

Nominated as an Excellent
Magazine by the Minister on
the 40th Magazine Day
- Hosted by the Korea
Magazine Association


2014                        Smart Magazine & Knowledge and informatization Business

Mar. 2013               Held 24th aimex Exhibition

Mar. 2012               Launched Web Magazine Portal 'Hello T'

Mar. 4 2009            Held the 20th aimex Exhibition

Oct. 10 2008           Awarded the Og-Guan Order of Culture Merit to the president, Jong                                   Choon Lee

Mar. 19 2008           Announced new CI for BM group

Mar. 2007                  Established the Cyber education Center at Seong An Dang

Mar. 8 2006              Renamed a brand name from KOFA to aimex

Nov. 2005                  Selected as the superior magazine for Automation Systems                                     (Ministry of Culture & Tourism)

Nov. 2005                  Completion of the New Seong An Dang office at Paju book city

Sep. 1 2005                Launched Monthly magazine Machine & Tool

Oct. 1 2004                Formal Agency contract with Smart Home & Home Network Show                                      Exhibition

Sep. 3 2004                Magazine name changed from Press & Mold Technology to Die &                                      Mold Technology

Mar. 8 2003               Relocated into the Singil-dong office(the branch office)

Oct. 1 2000                 Launched Monthly magazine SMT

Oct. 5 1999                 Awarded Official Commendation by the President on Book Day

Jul. 31 1998               Construction completed for the new office building at Seogyo-                                    Dong(the head office)

May 1 1996                Launched Monthly magazine ID Systems & Security

Mar.14 1994              Held the first annual international machine Mold CAD-CAM                                      Exhibition

Nov. 1 1993                Awarded the Minister of information prize for monthly
                                      magazine Electronic Engineering

Mar. 1 1991                Launched Monthly magazine New Products & New Systems

Mar. 9 1990                Held the first annual Korea International Factory Automation                                      System Exhibition(KOFA)

Mar. 1 1988                Launched Monthly magazine Press & Mold Technology

Jan. 1 1988                  Launched Monthly magazine Electronic Engineering

Dec. 10 1986              President's award for Monthly magazine Electrical Technology

Oct. 1 1986                 Launched Monthly magazine Design & Metal Working Technology

Mar. 1 1985                Launched Monthly magazine Automation Systems

Jan. 8 1985                 Company name changed from ET Inc. to ChomDan Inc.

Oct. 13 1983              Established Electrical Technology, Inc.

Feb. 1 1982                Completed head office building at Shingil-Dong

Feb. 2 1973                Established Seong An Dang Publishing Co.