A few of ChomDan's core features

    Chomdan has a design team that has professional skills to handle package and paper advertisement graphic design, editing, logo and web design.
    It creates advertisements that lay emphasis on communication by creating simple links between design and ideas.  The team creates one-of-a-kind ideas for each customer with a clear understanding of what matters.

    Chomdan develops and designs product packages. Box design customized to each product not only improves the product’s practicality but also showcases the product’s aesthetic value. We show the characteristics of the product through interesting ideas, rather than simply decorating it, to let the package tell of a story.

    At Chomdan, professional marketers, photographers and designers think alike to create catalogues, brochures and pamphlets that look sophisticated and hit the right target. Eye-catching ideas and natural layouts further boost the value of contents. The team has rich experience in both printed and e-book design.

    Chomdan provides comprehensive services in brand consulting, naming, corporate identity (CI) and brand identity (BI) making. The brand makes the first impression. It must make a positive, long-lasting image in a short period of time. It should also showcase the character of the brand. At Chomdan, a group of naming experts creates identity for clients, producing logos, CIs and BIs with their creative ideas.

    Hitting the right target through the right design is as much important as selecting the right media and channel. At Chomdan, we do not rely on craft to attract customers’ eyes but focus on what story to tell them, thereby captivating their hearts.

    We do not simply design web pages. We have a wide view to converge all the media.
    Chomdan provides a full range of design experience covering web design,
    hybrid app design and app design.